Senior Advisor

Hae Ryong Jeong


Mr. Hae Ryong Jeong is a Senior Advisor at D&A and DR & AJU LLC. His practice is primarily focused on Criminal Defense Litigation.

He served as Chief of Police of Seoul Seongdong Police Station, Investigation Manager of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Deputy General Manager of Gyeonggi Police Agency, and Commissioner of Gangwon Provincial Police. He has contributed to responding to the police investigation on the basis of his professional experience in investigative agency.


  • Special Advisor, DR & AJU LLC
  • Commissioner, Gangwon Provincial Police Agengy
  • Deputy Director General, Gyeonggi Police Agency
  • Director, Investigations Division, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
  • Director, Investigations Division, Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency
  • Commissioner, Gangwon Provincial Police Agency
  • Chief, Crime Department, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
  • Chief, Special Criminal Investigation Department, Korean National Police Agency


  • Dongguk University (BA in Police Administration)
  • Chunchon High School