Senior Advisor

Kahn Kim


Kahn Kim is a Senior Advisor at D&A Advisory.

General Kahn Kim is a retired Brigadier General and D&A's Senior Advisor who served in the Korean Army for nearly 40 years since he began his career as Second Lieutenant at Korea Military Academy in 1980. He also studied at Fort Benning Georgia, the U.S. Army Infantry School. Kahn served in three campaigns (East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq) and his military occupational specialties include procuring weapon systems from overseas, such as the U.S., Israel, Indonesia and others. Currently, Kahn provides consulting services for several leading companies in Korea.


  • Chief, Civil Military Operation of Australian Officers, East Timor
  • Director, Civil Military Operation, U.S. Forces in Iraq
  • Defense and Military Attaché, Korean Embassy in Washington, D.C.
  • Commissioner, Non-Weapon Systems Procurement Group, Republic of Korea Army Headquarters
  • Senior Advisor, Korea Aerospace Industry (KAI)